How will ROTMG items be delivered?
Realm of the Mad God items are ordered from R1 approved vendors.  Basically, you pick what you want and R1 pays for it.  Once ordered, the login details for the mule account with your item(s) will be emailed to you.
When completing offers, do I need to give them my real email address?

Yes, as sponsors will require all emails to be confirmed before they issue credit.

You may use any email address, provided you own it and can receive emails to it.  We suggest using a mainstream provider like gmail, yahoo, live, etc.

Will I get spammed from completing offers?

The information you submit to FreeROTMG, and Rewards1, is not shared, sold, or spammed in any way as per Rewards1's privacy policy.

Please note however, the information you submit when filling out offers (to 3rd party companies) is another story. Sponsors recover costs by soliciting your email; translation: you will get a lot of fan mail.

Why did I not get points for completing an offer?

The biggest reason why offers don't credit is users submitting invalid information.  Sponsors check what you submit for accuracy and consistency.  Anything suspicious and they won't credit.

Ensure your browser can accept cookies, that you're not behind a proxy, or using a shared internet connection.  Allow each page to load fully and completely before proceeding.

Sponsors notify us, usually within minutes when an offer credits and if one doesn't work just try it again.  Make sure to clear your browser's cookies first.

How else can I earn points?

Head over to Rewards1 to earn points by completing offers, answering surveys, watching movies, shopping, playing games, searching the internet, finishing tasks, and more!

Members also earn cash by promoting R1 to new users!  R1's Affiliate Prorgram pays members 30-55% of what their referrals earn, for the lifetime of the referral!?

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